DENIC Services GmbH & Co. KG

provides technical and administrative services in the field of the Internet industry. These services include data escrow services for domain registration offices and registrars of new generic top level domains (ngTLDs) as well as DNS Anycast services for registration offices. In addition, with DENICdirect, we look after the domain owners who have registered their domain directly with DENIC eG. As a fully owned subsidiary of DENIC eG, we access an established technical infrastructure and rely on 20 years of experience in Internet technology.

Our offers

For registrars and registries we are offering our Data Escrow Services, all provided under the EU General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR). For the domain industry we have been accredited as Designated Escrow Agent for registrars and New gTLD Data Escrow Agent for registries. In doing so, we perform an important role in securing the internet in cases of emergency.

Based on DENIC eG's fail-safe and proven DNS infrastructure, we offer our Anycast services to registry operators of top level domains to enhance the robustness of their networks and optimize response time for their customers.

With our DENICdirect we provide customer support to all domain owners who have registered their domains directly with DENIC eG. This service is being provided on behalf of DENIC eG.

DENIC Services commits itself

The management has adopted and published the ESG Policy for environmentally conscious action. We commit ourselves to the responsible use of resources in all respects.

Download the ESG Policy