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Domain direct Service

Premium service and security

With DENICdirect we host your .de-Domain on behalf of DENIC eG.

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Data Escrow

Designated Escrow Agent for Registrars - Approved Escrow Agent for Registries

Proven technology with comprehensive reporting and European data protection for the security of your data.

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Anycast DNS

Proven technology from DENIC eG

DENIC Services provides fast and stable Anycast DNS Services for ccTLDs and gTLDs.



Eco Award Winner

Innovative Data Escrow Service

Our Data Escrow services, developed by DENIC eG and offered by DENIC Services, won the renowned eco award 2018.


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Our new Anycast Customer Service Portal

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To Anycast CSP

DENIC Services GmbH & Co. KG

provides technical and administrative services in the domain industry. In particular, it offers Data Escrow Services for domain registration offices and registrars of new generic top level domains (ngTLDs) as well as Anycast DNS Services for registration offices. We support DENICdirect customers, which want to host their .de domain directly at DENIC eG.

Our Services

Our company

we are based in Darmstadt and a wholly owned subsidiary of DENIC eG, which manages the German name space on the Internet with the Top Level Domain .de.

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we are accessing the established technical infrastructure of the parent company, which is used for managing the more than 16 million .de domains.

Data Escrow Service

Data Escrow guarantees registrars and registries that a copy of their registration data is kept securely and protected by DENIC Services as a trustee.

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Anycast DNS Service

Anycast DNS of DENIC Services ensures absolute availability and fast response times for the name resolution of your Top Level Domain.

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